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Passive & Active Solar Systems

Passive and Active Solar Systems More and more property owners, engineers, architects, and building contractors are turning to green technology to create homes and business establishments. Accordingly, passive and active solar systems are mushrooming all across Arizona, chiefly because of the many great benefits that they provide. And if you’re interested to have any or both of these systems installed in your property, then we at Capistrano Homes and Landscaping, LLC are willing to help you. We’re the state’s trusted builders of eco-friendly homes that not only cut down power bills by as much as 50 percent, but also dramatically decrease carbon footprints. Simply put, these systems are clever ways of trapping heat, lowering interiors’ temperature, or converting solar energy into clean electricity.

The Beauty of Passive Solar System

Passive solar systems refer to the design technique of collecting, storing, and distributing solar power into buildings and homes. It involves using materials that effectively trap heat (like bricks and stones) or the systematic positioning of windows and other building design elements to let in sunlight and provide heat to the interiors during winter or at night. It is also meant to make interiors cooler during summer, hence bring down air conditioning costs. This cost-effective way of heating and cooling is way cheaper compared to other systems. Ideally, it should be factored in the general building plan of new homes or commercial establishments but it’s also possible to just retrofit existing buildings to achieve the same effect.

Active Solar Systems

Passive and Active Solar Systems Meanwhile, active solar systems typically involve installing photovoltaic or PV solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity. In remote locations and even in urbanized areas, it’s fast becoming ubiquitous, since more and more property owners are realizing the huge cuts in power bills that they can enjoy through this method. Since this system conserves and converts solar power into electricity at once, it is more economical in the long run as compared to passive solar systems which just traps heat or lowers inside temperature.

Hiring the Best Installers of Passive and Active Solar Systems

Our people here at Capistrano Homes and Landscaping, LLC have the experience to install premium active solar systems on homes and business establishments. We can also design new structures or retrofit old ones so that they’ll benefit from passive solar systems. When you hire us, you’re assured that our personnel will carefully use appropriate technologies to provide your expected results. You’re also guaranteed that our designs are efficient and our installations are durable. All of these ensure that you’ll pay the least amount of money for your power bills. Call us now and let us provide you with reliable passive and active solar systems.