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Water Features

Water Features

Water Features

Water Features

Water Features
Arizona’s hot and dry climate may not allow natural ponds, waterfalls, and other bodies of water to flourish, but you can still have them installed right inside your property. Experience nature at its best with Capistrano’s line of quality water features, all designed for your maximum comfort and pleasure.

Advantages of Water Features

Aside from keeping you as close to nature as possible, these landscape additions can:

  • Promote health and well-being. Water features like streams and swimming pools serve as perfect gyms because the water’s surface absorbs the impact, preventing you from straining or damaging your muscles. On the other hand, ponds and fountains provide you with cool, refreshing areas to meditate or just rest your tired body.

  • Provide special bonding areas. Have fun times with your loved ones as you admire marine life in your pond or play games in your swimming pool.

  • Enhance the beauty of your home and landscape. Turn your landscape into a beautiful paradise with water features that can definitely wow your guests.

Certified Water Feature Builders

We at Capistrano Homes and Landscaping, LLC have highly skilled, well-trained, and duly licensed workers who can build you various water features such as:

  • Ponds. We can design breath-taking water gardens, eco-ponds, patio ponds, and even Koi ponds.

  • Fountains. Take your pick: spouting or cascading? Spouting fountains release water downward through a drilled hole in a sculpture or statue while cascading ones emit water upwards, just like geysers.

  • Artificial streams. Do you really want to make a “big” statement? If yes, then have an artificial stream installed inside your landscape. We can put fishes and aquatic plants to make it look more natural and inviting.

  • Waterfalls. Your mini-paradise won’t be complete without the gushing sound of flowing water. We can create wall-mounted, in-ground, and pondless waterfalls according to the size of your area.

  • Pools. We have a wide variety of swimming pool types and design to choose from – geometric, round, infinity, free-form – it’s all up to you.

Unique Water Features

We know how important it is for you to see an actual representation of our plan that’s why we use the latest 3D design technology so that you can view the plan before construction. That way, we can revise it according to your comments and suggestions. When it comes to materials, rest assured that you’re getting only the best because we only deal with the most reputable suppliers in the country. We also have the latest tools and equipment that will enable us to finish your project on time. And because we customize our projects according to your needs and desires, you’re assured of getting unique water features that you and your loved ones will truly love. Call us now!