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In light of all the talks about climate, one particular aspect of architecture and building homes is called weatherization. This process primarily aims to make business establishments and residential properties energy efficient. And here at Capistrano Homes and Landscaping, LLC, we specialize in building new or turning existing properties into green structures that consume the least amount of energy possible. We service various areas across Arizona such as Chino Valley, Kirkland, Prescott, Mayer, and Williamson. If you wish to save big on energy bills and make your property energy efficient, then call us today.

Benefits of Weatherization

Wwatherization Weatherization is a highly recommended project because of its proven benefits including:

  • Huge power savings. This is probably the single, most important benefit of weatherizing one’s home or building. Official data show that households can save $1.83 for every dollar spent.

  • Environment benefits. One of the most important facets of weatherizing properties is to bring down carbon dioxide output considerably. The federal government is actually spearheading programs that promote the retrofitting of homes and buildings with amenities that make them energy efficient.

  • Improved air quality. Weatherizing your property will dramatically improve air quality by keeping harmful particles and contaminants at bay.

  • Higher property value. Upgrades such as weatherization tend to increase any property’s market value so it’s essentially an investment that can lead to a decent ROI.

Areas in Your Home that Needs Weatherization


Weatherization involves specific areas in your home that commonly require it and the areas that we usually focus on. Among these areas and the corresponding benefits of the process are:

  • Recessed lighting fixtures (prevents air leakage)
  • Pipes (against freezing and corrosion)
  • Ceiling, floors, walls (for proper insulation)
  • Old windows (for lower energy consumption)
  • Air ducts (prevents heat loss by up to 20 percent)

Why Hire Us?

While there are other contractors that offer weatherization services, we set ourselves apart with the brand of personal touch that we render to all our projects. We have with us not just decades of industry experience, but also intensive professional training to handle such projects. We are also blessed to have reliable partners who supply us with premium materials to ensure that we will not cause any issues or problems.

Our company likewise follows systematic procedures to attain optimum efficiency that allows us to complete projects on time and within our clients’ set budget. And because we have already completed similar projects in the past, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re dealing with people with proven expertise.

If you wish to know more about our offered weatherization services, please feel free to visit our Prescott office during business hours. You may also just call our mobile and office hotline for faster response.