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"I am honored to write this review on behalf of Caesar DelPrato and Capistrano Homes. I'm a 21-year career officer currently serving in the active duty Air Force. For over a decade, my wife and I have shared a dream of building a magnificent custom home nestled in the trees of high country Prescott, Arizona. Well, that dream became a reality thanks to Caesar DelPrato.

In the Air Force we have three core values by which we live our lives and conduct our professional affairs, they are: Integrity, Service, and Excellence. I can tell you with 100 percent confidence that Caesar DelPrato embodies each of these sacred traits.

Integrity to me means doing what's right, even if no one's looking or you might get away with something. It’s having moral courage to stay on the correct path. From the moment I first shook Caesar’s hand, a firm handshake I might add, I knew he was a man of his word. Throughout our 11 month build he continued to demonstrate this quality. As a home owner this is THE most critical ingredient of a home builder, without it you can kiss your dreams goodbye. With Caesar DelPrato you get a man of integrity - I guarantee it!

Service is delivering what you promised and taking responsibility for your actions and those under your command. Caesar DelPrato is without doubt the “general” of his army of subcontractors. He commands the respect and devotion of the very best craftsmen in the field. He fulfills his promise to not only his customers, but also to his workers, and in-turn their families. He pays them on time, and in-full, while holding them to his same high standards. Together as a team they build you the magnificent home of your dreams.

Excellence is not settling for just “good enough.” For your average builder that might be the R.O.C. building code. Well, that’s not good enough for Capistrano Homes. Repeatedly Caesar would tell me, for example, “that although this is enough to meet code, I use an extra layer of water proofing membrane on all my windows so water never finds its’ way into your home….” You want someone who doesn’t settle for “good enough,” don’t you? I know we did, and got just that with Caesar and Capistrano Homes."

Good luck and happy home building
Joe Jezairian, Colonel, USAF

"I am impressed with Capistrano Homes and Caesar's ability to complete a home in a timely manner. He is concerned with the client's budget and able to work within it, meanwhile improving on different concepts and bringing great ideas of his own. He brings my designs to life!"

Carlos Leyva
C. Leyva Design, Inc. - Prescott, AZ

"Caesar built our beautiful home in 6 months (2007). From the beginning to the end he answered all our questions and made sure we were comfortable with the house building process. He never made us feel that our questions were unfounded and was very creative with his ideas. He let us express "us" in the floor plan and design. He gave us a complete breakdown of all costs and discussed it with us. Our home is a walk out home, on a slope, with a 14 foot engineered wall. He made us aware that some extra costs could pop-up because of this. He kept us informed and this was very important and appreciated. We were fortunate enough to watch our home being built and meet the sub contractors that Caesar hired. We not only were impressed with the quality of their work, but we enjoyed meeting them. Caesar also had a good working relationship with them along with making sure we got the best price. On more than one occasion we heard him on the phone negotiating the best price he could get to keep our cost down. This was a huge plus for us. We could not be more pleased, or happier that we choose Caesar to build our home. We found him to be honest, creative, and skilled in the art of building a house. He keeps a very tight schedule and makes sure everything comes together to his satisfaction. This was a hassle free experience for us and we highly recommend Caesar as your general contractor. Our home is open to show and we would be happy to answer any questions."

Harry and Sandy Haenraets
Summit Pointe - Prescott, AZ

"Caesar's commitment to excellence, extensive product knowledge and his personal attention to projects and clients has always made product selection a simple process. Whenever there has been a conflict with design specifications versus product availability, Caesar has been able to incorporate and suggest new ideas and ways to solve the problem and still work within the client's vision and budget for their home. Our business relationship with Capistrano Homes has always been a pleasure and we are proud to have our products in his homes. If you take the time to talk with Caesar we are sure you will also find him knowledgeable, passionate and committed to building the finest homes."

Patrick Powers
Sales Manager, The Door and Window Store
Prescott, AZ

"Capistrano Homes is one of the best builders we work with! They really let their artistic talent shine through. They allow Mingus Tile to do some of our most creative tile designs and we really enjoy working with them."

Donna & Neill Owners, Mingus Tile
Prescott, AZ

"Capistrano homes has always been one of TDK Comfort Systems most favorable custom home builders for many reasons. We know that Caesar and his team will be building a very unique home implementing the latest technologies in high efficiency and comfort, while maintaining the owner's budget. He understands the importance of radiant floor heating and zoning forced air systems. He accepts and conquers the many challenges that custom home building requires. He applies "Green" construction technologies and knows when and where to use them. I am very proud to have my company listed on all custom homes that Capistrano Homes build."

Troy Koski
President, TDK Comfort SystemsInc.
Prescott, AZ

"We are extremely pleased to be able to recommend Caesar DelPrato and Capistrano Homes to any of you who are considering the construction of a custom home in the Prescott area. Caesar built our single-level home of approximately 3000 sq. ft. in the Summit Pointe area of Prescott in 2007, and we are extremely pleased with all his efforts. In our opinion, he has the following exemplary qualities not always found among general contractors:

  • He is extremely well organized. We received building permits in early April and moved into our home in late November, a construction period of less than eight months. Caesar prides himself on his ability to schedule subcontractors so that they are able to complete their jobs quickly and on schedule.
  • He is an excellent businessman. Because he pays his subcontractors on time and schedules them efficiently he is able to choose from among those with the best reputations in the area.
  • He is a problem solver. When problems arose on our project (and they do on any custom home) he always had several solutions from which we could choose, and firm estimates of the costs of each choice and the time each might take to implement.
  • He is a very good communicator. During the first four months of our build we were living in Los Angeles and could make only occasional trips to Prescott. Caesar E-mailed us photographs almost every evening and we spoke almost every day during this time.
  • He cares about his clients, even after the job is complete, He has called us frequently since we moved in to make certain that there are no problems and to arrange to fix those that have occurred. We recommend Caesar and Capistrano absolutely without reservation."

Charles & Linda Thomas
Summit Pointe - Prescott, AZ

"We are quickly approaching the one-year anniversary of purchasing our home, and we wanted to use this occasion to send you a brief note letting you know how much we enjoy our home. Our home is well-constructed, energy efficient, and has many unique features. It's evident that it was built with great attention to detail and a clear commitment to excellence. We are constantly being told we have a nice home. We especially like our stamped concrete floors and our master bath. We feel very fortunate to have found our beautiful home built with such outstanding craftsmanship. While we've had only minor issues with our home since moving in, you have been most helpful and responsive in addressing our concerns. You've always been friendly, extremely honest, fair, respectful and just generally easy to deal with. We've recommended you to friends who are considering building a new home and will continue to do so in the future."

Brad and Teresa Dingee
Prescott Valley, AZ

"We were referred to Capistrano Homes through our lending agent. She said he was the best. My wife and I can say very confidently that we agree. It wasn't just his workmanship that sold us but what we saw in him as a person. We saw honesty and integrity and to this day he has yet to let us down. People say that building a home is stressful. With Capistrano Homes my wife and I can't say that. Working with Caesar was a joy."

Bethany and Dan Dubach
The Crossings at Willow Creek - Prescott, AZ

"Capistrano Homes just finished building our custom home. The finished product was above and beyond what we imagined. Caesar and his wife has a talent for designing and adding unique features that really stand out. Caesar does an extremely great job of lining up his subcontractors, so that our home was built in 5 months. He uses excellent subcontractors. Out of all the subs he uses, we bly recommend A Cut Above Landscaping."

Rodney & Denise Steidinger
Williamson Valley - Prescott, AZ

"Capistrano Homes has been one of the best things that has happened to us in the course of building our new home. We found Ceasar to be very knowledgeable and have the contacts for what was needed. Also, his knowledge helped tremendously for quality control. His ability to design and look ahead for future work such as landscaping and the finish product helped to save us money. His honesty and integrity made us feel very secure in this trying time of building a home. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at (928) 227-1146."

Frank and Deborah Verna
Williamson Valley Ranch - Prescott, AZ

"I had a tough situation and Capistrano Homes helped me through it! I was in a precarious position after I had to terminate my contract with a previous contractor. Capistrano Homes was creative and willing to work with me to get construction going again. They were able to use their numerous contacts and relationships to help me get over a number of hurdles which I could not have overcome on my own. Capistrano Homes can definitely get the job done for you."

John Rice
Talking Rock - Prescott, AZ